Operation Method

Revenue Booster could be used in two operation methods; Auto Processing Mode and Manual Processing Mode. These two operations methods can be executed simultaneously.

Auto Processing Mode
Auto Processing Mode is used to process CDR data that has been entered from operations to a specific folder in a Revenue Booster Unix machine. This is where the CDR data is automatically converted, rated, and processed into a billing form. In an event of various anomalies, warning indications existed in the monitoring panel dashboard will appear automatically to warn the on-duty Revenue Assurance officers. This is the first method in using Revenue Booster.

Manual Processing Mode
This mode is used to manually process data in all levels, allowing analysis and calculation on rupiah value from a certain group of data with a special scenario or special tariff table.

For instance, rejected data from the rating process in the operations division will carry no rupiah value because by design such data can't be rated. For instance numbers such as 911, 108 etc, conversation lasting less than two second or incomplete CDR data (without B number).

By using Revenue Booster the above-mentioned data is processed by using Special Catalogue Rating with some assumed parameters that are adjustable. Its value is calculable in rupiah, thus enabling assessment of revenue leak in rupiah for every rejected data.

User Interface

This system is designed to allow highly effective usage for users in revenue assurance, network operation, marketing to executive level. Displayed appearance and menu are adjustable to the type of logged-in user.

Followings are three user perspectives that are prepared in the design of Revenue Booster:

1. Executive User
2. Operational Division User
3. Revenue Assurance Division User

1. Executive User
The display appearance for executive user puts priority on achievement and target revenue prediction, target customer and current income.

2. Operasional Division User
The display appearance for operational division user puts priority in assisting the users in handling various operational matters such as to identify problems to the levels of Switch, BTS, Product, etc.

3. Revenue Assurance Division User
The display appearance for revenue assurance user puts priority assists users in monitoring or identifying leaks that are beyond a preset level.

All processes carried out by Revenue Booster will result in relatively more comprehensible Log, particularly Log from rejected data, thus such data is sufficient when being turned into basic information for Dashboards of Monitoring Panels.

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