Revenue Booster core engine consists of three primary sub-systems:

1. Conversion Subsystem
2. Rating Subsystem
3. Billing Subsystem

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1. Conversion Subsystem

Conversion Subsystem is used to convert binary data of telecommunications system-generated CDR data file into text data. It is acknowledged that CDR formats are not always compatible / similar to every telecommunications system vendor. In Indonesia there are three recognized main telecommunications system vendors that are used; Siemens, Ericsson and Alcatel. The existing system in Revenue Booster has been prepared to effortlessly accept new program (using new CDR format or new Vendor) to conduct new conversion function. This is due to modular programming system and concise documentation.

The output of this subsystem is a standardized text-format CDR data file, thus allowing a uniform CDR text file regardless of the vendors. Such standardization and uniformity simplify the design of program rating that will be used in the next process.

2. Rating Subsystem

Subsystem Rating is a subsytem that is used to process ratings, which is a regulated transactional value process in preset currency based on the current valid Rating Rule and Rating Catalogue for every available product.

The output of this subsystem is a CDR data file that has been valued and stored in database.

This Subsystem Rating has been prepared to determine matters via setup parameter embedded in the Rating Rule and Rating Catalogue. This is to allow easier maintenance and ability to rapidly adapt to the current new product development.

3. Billing Subsystem

Billing Subsystem is a subsytem that is used to process billing, particularly post-paid products where calculations on costs of discount, premium and special privileges are levied on users.

The Revenue Booster analysis module takes place after this primary subsistem. This analysis module consists of several proceses which will transform the raw data to become revenue assurance perspective information. This will include :
- Trending analysis
- Anomali analysis
- Target and Realization analysis
- etc.

The data presentation layer of Revenue Booster consists of :
- Dashboard
- Reports
- Alarms

Each of these presentation will be adjusted based on the user perspective group of information. Every reports produced by Revenue Booster can be exported to plain text files or Microsoft Excell formats for further usage

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